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Princess Vathari – Part 1

Once a upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Vathari Hawkrelle.  She lived in a grand castle made of the strongest stone.  The princess liked to be alone and rarely ventured outside the castle’s thick outer walls.  However, Vathari had to perform her royal duties, which meant she […]


Note: My usual sarcasm and wit will return after this post. TL;DR: Sad shit. “Say Something” – A Great Big World  Say something, I’m giving up on you I’ll be the one if you want me to Anywhere I would’ve followed you Say something, I’m giving up on you And […]

That was weird

I apologize if you’re the guy who wrote these messages.  If you were merely going for getting my attention, you succeeded in your goal.  You made me question your behavior, which, to me, is incredibly entertaining. Your opening message: “Do you believe in serious relationships?” First of all…believe?  Is that really […]

On Orgasms

Dear Sir, I knew this subject would come up eventually.  You want to know what my buttons are.  That’s easy enough to tell you.  However the more challenging part will be explaining why pushing said buttons doesn’t always produce the desired effect. So let’s get the simple part out of […]


Dear Sir, The following is my attempt at describing my expectations for our relationship.  I hope that this promotes questions and further discussion.  I am of course open to revision and suggestions in all sections barring removal of items Section A: Hard Limits. Sections A, B, and C  are composed […]