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That was weird

I apologize if you’re the guy who wrote these messages.  If you were merely going for getting my attention, you succeeded in your goal.  You made me question your behavior, which, to me, is incredibly entertaining.

Your opening message: “Do you believe in serious relationships?”

First of all…believe?  Is that really your best word choice?  Whenever I read a sentence that begins with “do you believe in…” I expect it to either end in “God” or “aliens”.  So my immediate reaction is to equate serious relationships with controversial other-worldly lifeforms.  I guess that makes sense though: if you’ve never been in a serious relationship, it probably seems like an alien concept.

Now, with that interpretation in mind, my immediate answer to the question is “no.”  I see no reason to believe in them.  They’re real.  Believing in them adds unnecessary fluff.  By believing in them, yes you’re hopeful, but there’s an underlying connotation that they aren’t actually attainable.  By believing in whatever your definition of “serious” is, you’re going to be too focused on lofty ideals to see what might be right in front of you.  Just my opinion though.  Believing only adds complication.

Moving along, this is the answer I give you (but in less words).  I ask you what you mean by “serious”.  You say “sharing, caring, being there for one another, love.”  Fair enough.  Then the ever-so-mysterious, “can I ask you something?”

Sure, I want to see where this is going.  But…deactivated account?  The hell?  I’m left in suspense.

*checks message*
Oh wait, what’s this?  You’re back?  Maybe this will need to be continued…

*cue dramatic music*

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