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How are you?

Do you go through a momentary crisis whenever someone asks “how are you?”  Do you wonder if they actually want to know the answer?  Do you often drop out of conversations because you have no idea how to answer properly?  Keep reading to learn the 3 universal methods of completing […]

Princess Vathari – Part 2

“Once the carriage moved out of earshot, Sylori addressed the perplexed audience.   ‘I must apologize for my mother.  She can be quite old-fashioned.  Now, where were we?  Ah yes, you!’  She pointed to the next man in line.  ‘I want to hear from all of you.’ Sylori stayed in […]

I am NOT checking you out

Ugh.  Alright, I’m in one of my snarky moods.  You have been forewarned. I’m sure several of you are reading this blog because you’ve found me on AdultFriendFinder.  I want to preface my following comments by saying that I am grateful for AFF being around, because I’ve met some very […]

The worst thing you could do

…is tell me I’m important and then act otherwise. Nothing gets me going more than when you tell me I mean something to you.  When you say you miss me.  When you check up on me just because.  I want to know that you’re thinking of me, because I’m thinking […]