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The worst thing you could do

…is tell me I’m important and then act otherwise.

Nothing gets me going more than when you tell me I mean something to you.  When you say you miss me.  When you check up on me just because.  I want to know that you’re thinking of me, because I’m thinking of you too.

We’ve been taught that we’re all important, but potency is lost at such a broad application.  The words become a kindness at best, and they are received with little more than acknowledgment.  When used truthfully, however, these words are dangerous.  They represent a vow of respect and a promise to shelter another soul.  You tell me I’m important and I expect to be treated like I’m invaluable.  I expect that you want to know the stories behind my scars, the stupid things that make me smile, the entire history of me.  When I trust you enough to give you everything, I will not stray from you.  I expect that you will keep me close, cherish me, and keep me at my best.  It’s a responsibility I don’t just hand out.  You should feel privileged.

The worst thing you could do is to tell me I’m important and then become feckless about it.  I will do all I can to maintain and strengthen my standing with you.  It is the most emptying feeling to find out that you really didn’t care enough to keep up.  You allowed me to believe I was the center of your world when I was really just a pretty bauble sitting on a shelf, gathering dust.

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