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Understanding Submission

2015 was a valuable year for me.  I spent the first half struggling through a frustrating and restrictive relationship, and at some point during the summer I reached an all-time low.  Hitting rock bottom like that forces you to make a change or risk getting consumed by despair.  So, as […]

On the Importance of Cuddling

Cuddling.  It’s a big freaking deal. There’s something really special going on when I actually want to cuddle with you.  My threshold for being physically close to another person is remarkably low; I don’t particularly like being touched.  Now I realize that sounds super counter-intuitive, given the lifestyle I have, […]

Are you really THAT busy?

I have to book dates about 2 months in advance.  I suppose that’s odd.  For those of you who are like, “omg r u serious?”, here’s why: I (usually) only meet people on weekends.  Exceptions will be made if a) you’re special, or b) it’s absolutely impossible for you to […]

You must ask permission

“Before you can interact with me you must ask my Master for permission.” I see this around Fet all the time and it kinda bugs me. No offense to those who have it on their profile.  I don’t have any say in how you live your life, nor am I […]


When I’m asked what my fantasies are, my initial reaction is to come up with some sort of “standard” answer.  People have rape fantasies right?  Am I into that?  I think about it for a bit…I guess I could be.  People fantasize about being taken in an alley at night, […]