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Are you really THAT busy?

I have to book dates about 2 months in advance.  I suppose that’s odd.  For those of you who are like, “omg r u serious?”, here’s why:

  1. I (usually) only meet people on weekends.  Exceptions will be made if a) you’re special, or b) it’s absolutely impossible for you to meet during the weekend.  I work a lot, usually late into the evening, and by the time I get off I honestly just want to be by myself.  So forgive me if I don’t want to meet you for drinks on some random Tuesday night.  Also, a lot of the dates I go on tend to involve some degree of travel.  If I need to go to another city I’m going to do it on my day off.
  2. TMI warning here, but one week a month I have to deal with blood streaming out of my vagina.  I’m sure we can all agree that I’m doing everyone a favor by not arranging playtime during that week.

That’s it really.  Going on those two points, there are only 3 opportunities a month for you to see me.  And I’m sorry hun, but you’re not the one I’m talking to at any given time.

So, be patient and wait your turn.

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Miss Skaro

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  1. Working, doing well in school, paying the bills, three important priorities. Kink is fun, but not necessarily a logical importance. Relaxing/unwinding is definitely important for stress relief. And as an introvert, human contact is a cost usually more so than a relief.


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