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Do you really think size matters?

Here’s one message category I’ve yet to understand.  Guys with small dicks asking me, “Do you really think size matters?”

And you jump right into it too.  No introduction, no “how are you”, nothing.  Just, “I have a small penis, please judge me!”

What exactly are you expecting from this conversation?

You’ve been told that you can never satisfy a woman.  That’s just awful.  But, what do you want me to say?  Do you think that’s going to make me pity you?  Do you think that’s going to make me give you a chance?

I’ll tell you right now, it won’t.  Let’s break it down:

First off, you’re introducing yourself in a terrible light.  While it’s noble to be aware of your insecurities, you probably shouldn’t start with that.  First impressions are important.  No matter what your goal is with me, starting out like that is going to skew my response towards the negative.  Let’s take this real example:

Hi, first of all I’m very very sorry to bother you…
with some stupid question, but for me your honest answer/opinion might be very valuable, would appreciate your answer and your time for reply.
Please reply back to me, and let me know what you really think, is it tiny, small, average or big?

Can you see how depressing this reads?  You’re so apologetic.  You’re “very very sorry”, you think you’re “bothering” me, your question is “stupid”, you seem desperate because my reply is “very valuable”, and the options you provide for sizes are biased towards smaller measurements.

My initial reaction is that of concern.  What happened to you?  What caused this?  Why are you reaching out to a complete stranger–on a sexually-driven hook-up site, mind you–asking a question that you know isn’t going to get the answer you want?  The chances of someone saying your dick is huge is effectively nil.  I hope you know that.  You’re just going to get more people agreeing that yes, it is small.  Why are you doing this to yourself?

You ask if I would date a guy with that size cock.  I say no.

Again your reply is discouraging.  “Better face the facts”, you say.  You tell me your experience…some girls told you that you’re small, and now you’re utilizing me as another data point to see if the verdict is really true.  You’ve been told that guys your size can never properly satisfy a woman.  You’ve been told that you should stick to masturbation.

And now I’m more concerned.  Are you really convinced that a big cock is the only way to satisfy a woman?  Do you realize that there’s a plethora of other methods you can utilize to have a woman begging you to take her?  And I’m sorry friend, but you’ve already spoiled your greatest asset: your confidence.  Any sane, intelligent woman would be drawn to that, regardless of your size.

Due to your bleak attitude, I have a hunch that you assumed I would not date you.  I’m curious if you have an accurate population sample here.  Are you only asking people who you think will say no?  Ever heard of a thing called confirmation bias?

Also, if it’s true that you did assume I would say no…what about me caused you to think that?  I mean, this whole topic is about judging people based on an inadequate amount of information, so I guess it’s appropriate.  But now I feel all self-conscious, not only because I probably wasn’t randomly chosen, but because I like big cocks and prefer more sizable men for my sexual satisfaction.  And now I kinda feel like a jerk for it.

So thanks man.  If your intention was to make me feel bad too, then I guess you’ve succeeded.




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