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A little courtesy.  That’s all I ask.

I don’t understand this.  You express interest in meeting me, I agree and arrange time to let that happen, and then you don’t follow up.  These plans were on the books for months.  I even rescheduled you at least once.  I checked in a week before our appointment, everything was good to go, and then…nothing.  We still needed to figure out where we were going to meet, what we were going to do, all that.  But no response from you.  You didn’t even read my messages.

Again, what I cannot comprehend in this situation is that a date involves two parties (at least).  There was a mutual agreement to meet, meaning there is mutual responsibility.  When I don’t hear from you, it makes you look irresponsible.  And that’s not a great first impression.

What’s frustrating is that I could have done something else last night.  Had I known that you weren’t going to follow through, I could have given that time to someone else.  So not only have you disappointed me, you’ve also indirectly disappointed a third party.

Honestly all I ask for is courtesy.  If something came up, just tell me.  If you’re not interested anymore, just tell me.  It shouldn’t be that difficult.

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Miss Skaro

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