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Don’t let go

Please don’t let go.
Hold my hand,
take me with you.
Show the world
you want me at your side.
Keep your hands on my hips,
between my thighs,
around my neck.
I crave your touch.
Pull me towards you,
press against me,
make me feel you.
Remind me that I’m yours.

Please don’t let go.
Because I’ve felt abandoned.
I’ve felt the icy hand of someone
who didn’t want me,
who was ashamed of me.
I’ve spent aching months
in proximity to someone
who never made time for me.
I’ve shared a bed,
because I had no other choice,
with a former lover
who grew to find me repulsive.

He made me feel awful.
Worse than I thought possible.
And I tried so hard.

But with you…
Everything’s so easy.
You make me feel incredible.
Please don’t let go.

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Miss Skaro

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