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Little Fantasies

No, not fantasies about being a little.  That’s not my thing.  Anyway, I think I’ve written before that I don’t have elaborate fantasies, rather quick little snippets.  Just short scenes that never fail to capture my attention.  I thought I’d share.  Yes, some of these have happened, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want them again. (And these aren’t about anyone in particular……..just kidding, of course they are.)  

Knock on my door.  When I answer, don’t say anything.  Walk in, pin me up against the wall, and kiss me.  Hard.

Tell me to meet you at a crowded bar.  I’m to wear a really sexy, revealing outfit.  One that captures everyone’s attention.  But I’m to ignore everyone and walk straight to you and glide into your lap.

Come pick me up after work.  On your motorcycle.  Park right in front of the building and wait for me to walk out with a group of my coworkers so they all see.

Touch me while we’re in an elevator.  Don’t hide it.  Display me in front of the doors.  Don’t stop when they open.

Park on the roof of the parking garage when we go out for a night. When we’re ready to go back home, don’t let me get in the car.  Take me right there, in front of all the security cameras.

Take me out with my collar on.  Just to dinner or an otherwise vanilla event.  I want people to wonder.

Make me wear some sort of strappy harness under my clothes all day.

Pull me into a dark corner while we’re walking about.  Push me against the wall and choke me, just for a second.  Then keep walking like nothing happened.

Send me flowers.
(Nothing sexual about this one, I just really want flowers.)



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