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You can’t convince me to fuck you

Overview Through my extensive and ongoing research, I’ve repeatedly come across people who try to convince me to ensue a sexual relationship.  In their attempts, subjects have utilized one of two methods: bravado or desperation.  At this point, I can conclude, with high confidence, that such methods will never result […]

Those Other Things

Now days, someone asks to fuck me, and I don’t bat an eye.  I hear that everyday.  There are no reservations, no “are they special enough?”, no wondering if my life will change.  If I’ve got some free time, sure, fucking sounds fun.  But now people ask me if I’d […]

How are you sexy

Or, “Why I harp on people for unpolished writing.” I have two identical messages sitting in my inbox right now.  Both literally say “How are you sexy”.  I think it would be fair to assume that what both of these gentlemen meant was, “How are you, sexy?”  I assume their intent […]