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Conclusion: Disheartened But Not Surprised

almost got to have my first MFM.  In hindsight, I’m glad it wasn’t with these guys.

It all started with an innocent Fet post: a local guy looking for a girl to participate in an MFM with him and his buddy.  That being one of my high-priority bucket list items, I responded quite eagerly.  The OP was actually quite pleasing.  He was cute and knew how to make decent conversation.  His friend though…not so much.  I’m sure he’s a great person, but he simply didn’t come across as someone I wanted to know more about.  Nevertheless, I put up with him, because hey, I might get a threesome.  He wasn’t annoying, just not interesting.

OP had a pretty open schedule, so he readily agreed to my suggestions for times to meet.  Other Guy though, had a much busier and apparently unknown schedule.  After rescheduling at least a few times due to my personal setbacks, we finally agreed on a weekend.  Originally I suggested a Friday evening.  Other Guy, though, wasn’t completely sure he could do that night.  Being the gracious person I am, I tell Other Guy that he should find a time that works for him and let us know.

I never met them.  I didn’t hear back from either of them that weekend.  My attempts to continue a conversation with OP by himself didn’t amount to anything either.

CONCLUSION: I offered to have sex with a guy on his time and he didn’t jump at the opportunity.  I don’t understand.

That time I nearly met a British guy!

Have you ever come across those profile pictures that you’re not exactly attracted to but you find yourself looking at them more than you should?  Yeah.  That was this guy.  He had messaged me a few times before to no avail, but once I realized I was lingering on his profile, I struck up a conversation.  One of the first things he told me was that he had a British accent.  *Swoon*.  I kinda hate the word “fetish” (believe it or not) but if I have a fetish for anything, it’s for British accents.  So I was definitely up for meeting this guy.

He offered to drive down from Canada, and we agreed on a good time for both of us.  As the date drew near, we talked details.  He asked for hotel suggestions.  When I asked for his budget, he replied, “not too expensive.”  Of course, I had absolutely no idea how that translated into an actual dollar amount.  So I told him if he wanted to be in a convenient area, he’d likely spend around $100.

No reply after that.

CONCLUSION: People are apparently sensitive about money.  I have expensive tastes–I almost always prefer hotels that are around the price range I suggested.  But if that was too much he absolutely could have said something.  He didn’t define “expensive”, so how was I supposed to know?  What a lost opportunity.

What did you say?!?

Short and sweet one here.  He was one of the first guys I talked to when I started doing this stuff.  Local, decent looking, and relatively intriguing personality.  Even though we began talking nearly a year ago, we only got around to making plans just recently.  A few days before our scheduled date, I saw a message from him in my inbox.  I didn’t actually open the message then, which was unfortunate, because next time I looked, his account was deactivated.  And you know what happens when you deactivate your account?  ALL of your messages disappear.  I had no idea what he said.

CONCLUSION: Here’s another shining example of the world’s declining courtesy skills.  Maybe that last message was him giving me other contact information, but I’ll never know.  Or maybe he was admitting that he really didn’t want to see me after all, but still, I’ll never know.  Whatever it was, I didn’t even get time to acknowledge it.  Very frustrating.

I’ve gotten a few replies to this post, and I think maybe I didn’t come across as I intended.  Yes, I understand that these situations are unfortunate, and as I said in my title, disheartening.  However I’m not actually disappointed.  Kinda ticked off, sure.  And I’m ticked off at the lack of courtesy, not at the missed relationships.  I couldn’t care less about the relationships.  This was meant to be an eye-roll, and a bit of a laugh.  So thank you to those who expressed concern, but everything is fine and I’m actually very happy right now.  

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