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Yep, I’m totally a scam.

Yay for more firsts!  Had been messaging this couple for a few days.  It ended rather abruptly…

Hi! How are you? 🙂

Doing well, yourself?

Not too bad. Would you be willing to travel to come stay with and get tangled up with a passionate, sexy loving couple? 🙂

Quite possibly!

What do we have to do to make that a yes? 🙂

We’ll have to figure out schedules, that’s the biggest thing.

Well we are booked this weekend and the next. But the weekend after we are free and would love some company? 🙂

I could potentially do the 23rd or the 30th.

The 23rd works for us 🙂 so tell us about you?

So I didn’t realize how far <their city> is from here….my bad. Would you be willing to meet halfway somewhere?
My FAQ page is at

We would cover your gas and everything else. Full payed weekend:-). Or yes we could meet halfway. We could take you around partying with us for the weekend and play all weekend .:-)

What’s your name ?!

Would you travel to <city slightly closer to me>?

We have a cabin there

I’m Jessica. And your names?

I could probably do <city slightly closer to me>, yes.

Although, I’m starting to think I spoke a little too soon as far as a date. Could we bump this back a few weeks?

Ya that’s fine

Would you be available August 6th?

No we can’t do that weekend

We can look into the week of the 13th. I am <full name> is it OK if I ask for you full name and I can add you on Facebook. What do you do. I would like to get to know you a little better if we are going to meet!

I’m not available the 13th. Can we look at the 20th?

I’d rather not give out my last name, and I don’t use Facebook. I gave you a link to my FAQ page which answers a lot of basic questions about me.

Ya… sorry not interested in a scam. Take care

So apparently I’m a scam.  Go figure.  Here I am thinking I’m pretty genuine.  I made my FAQ page to make the stupid small talk bit go faster.  I’m just trying to help people out, you know?  And I honestly don’t use Facebook.  I mean, I have one, but you’re not going to find anything current about me on there, so what’s the point?  Besides, who adds hookup friends on FB?  Isn’t FB for all those high school “friends” that you don’t give a shit about anymore?  
And hey, couple from this convo…if you happen to follow my obviously spammy link and actually get to this page…Hi!  This is me.  Not a scam, but very real and genuinely calling you out for being morons.  Take care! 

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