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Windmills and Polka Dots

“Windmills are one of those random things I associate with you now.”

There’s so many, Sir.  So many little oddball things that I come across everyday that remind me of you.  Things that remind me of all the wonderful moments we’ve had and how happy I am to be yours.

While I’m out exploring…

Motorcycles and Teslas and boats.
San Francisco and Portland and Seattle.
That stretch of highway.

When I’m getting dressed…

Dresses and suits.

Even when I’m eating… 

Waiters who tell you their name.
Bourbon and wine.
Arugula and beets.
Duck and rabbit and scallops and bacon.
Cinnamon rolls and donuts.
Olives and cheese.
Ranch dressing 😉

Everything.  All the time.  

Especially when I’m feeling lonely and I miss you.  When I start to let my fears and doubts and insecurities get the better of me, I need a little something to remind me that you think of me too…

The polka dots.


So many little things that mean so much to me, because of you, Sir.  Looking forward to so many more.

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Miss Skaro

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