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To the guy who tried to pick me up at the park last night

Thanks for reminding me of how awkward and irritating that can be.

First of all, I’ve always thought it a pretty universal notion to not bother a person wearing headphones.  I was honestly so focused on evolving my few dozen pidgeys and listening to my podcast, that you legitimately startled me when you came up to say hi.  For a few seconds I had no clue what was going on.  I thought maybe you were going to ask for directions or that you wanted to sell me drugs.  But then I realized that you were trying to hit on me.

I appreciated your effort for a little while, I really did.  I think it took a lot of bravery for you to come up and tell me that you thought I was pretty.  Everyone likes compliments.  You could have stopped there and everything would have been peachy.  But no, you had to keep talking.  You had to keep going on, asking me questions, although I was giving you all the signs in the world that I wasn’t interested.  I could even hear the struggle in your voice, your mind screaming Abort! but no, you just kept plowing on.  I would’ve physically gotten up and left if I hadn’t just sat down at a lure with lucky egg going.  I tried to be nice and end it for you.  “It was nice to meet you,” I said, while clearly putting my earbud back in and motioning that I was going to get back to doing shit on my phone.  An intelligent person would have walked away then, but oh no.  Not you.  You must have taken that as a sign to muster up all your strength and give it all you had.  “So hey let’s go for a walk arou–”


If that ended when it was supposed to end, you probably would have left happy, instead of stomping off into the distance like an angry child.

May you one day find peace. Namaste.

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Miss Skaro

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  1. It could have been worse…

    I was at a blues concert last night and a guy came up to me with his guitar and started to play as the band was playing. Then, he decided to sing to me and win my heart that way. I moved three times with him following me all three times. He didn’t say anything to me, but he only sang and played the guitar as the band was playing.

    Finally, I went off on him. I told him, “Listen, I have been nothing put nice to you, but I didn’t drive three hours to hear you play and sing to me. :Leave me alone.”

    He finally left… Is this what women go through all the time?


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