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Does size matter? (revisited)

I hate this question. A while back I wrote a response.  You can read it here, if you like.  But if you can’t be bothered…essentially this guy messaged me asking my opinion of his cock.  He told me how previous girlfriends made fun of his size and told him he […]

Would you do it for money?

While I’m certainly not swimming in offers of money for sexual acts, I’ve gotten a handful.  Let me start by saying that I have no issues with sex work, in fact I’m quite supportive of it and I’ve considered dabbling in it for years.  I’ve yet to accept any offers, […]

I need to admit something

Bear with me.  This may come as a shock, but… I have no desire to fuck you until I already have. You won’t get my heart racing unless I’ve felt yours beating.  You won’t have my skin tingling if I haven’t felt your warmth.  You won’t have my panties dripping […]

My Favorite Moments

In case you were wondering… “I see you have your nipples pierced, as do I.”  For some reason I crack up every time I recall this message I sent to you.  I think because I was trying to be super polite. “Are you a doctor?” “Mhm.” I don’t remember what I […]

Missing you

Missing you is more than just wishing you were here. It’s so much more than that…   It’s how I wake up and wonder what you’ve already done today. It’s hoping for a good morning text. It’s picking an outfit that I think you’d like. It’s wondering if you’ll ever […]

Something about collars

I’m currently going through a bunch of old messages, in an effort to torture myself collect data.  There’s been a few that have stuck around in my mind, and believe me it’s been rather cathartic to finally delete them.  This one though, I had completely forgotten about until just now. […]