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Missing you

Missing you is more than just wishing you were here.

It’s so much more than that…


It’s how I wake up and wonder what you’ve already done today.

It’s hoping for a good morning text.

It’s picking an outfit that I think you’d like.

It’s wondering if you’ll ever show up unannounced to surprise me.


It’s remembering to eat well.

It’s working towards my goals.

It’s doing something today that you’d be proud of.

It’s gathering stories to tell you next time we’re together.


It’s how I can often become oblivious to other people.

It’s realizing that I compare everyone to you.

It’s wondering if you’d like my friends.

It’s how I can fully enjoy another’s company but still wish it was you.


It’s how I unashamedly perv your pictures.

It’s how I just stare at you in awe.

It’s the disbelief that I get to touch you.

It’s envisioning what we look like together.


It’s the haunting feeling that maybe there won’t be a next time.

It’s the pause before sending you something mundane just because I want to talk.

It’s the concern that I might be too needy.

It’s the fear that maybe I like you too much.


It’s driving home at night, wishing your hand was slowly sneaking up my thigh.

It’s always thinking of you when I touch myself.

It’s how I ask you if I can cum even though you’re not here.

It’s imagining your eyes on me as you watch my body convulse.


It’s picturing your reactions as I tell you about my day.

It’s how I arrange my pillows so I can pretend to lay on your chest.

It’s reminiscing over my favorite moments with you.

It’s laying awake for hours considering our future.


So when I say I miss you, Sir, it’s not just reaction.  

It’s a whole host of feelings that I don’t always have time to divulge.  

But they’re there, all the time.  

And I wanted you to know.  


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Miss Skaro

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  1. You nailed it. I’m sure not everyone understands that because not everyone has loved and lost. I related to almost all of those little situations and feelings. Somehow all the songs on the radio can be compared to her and I. A woman passes by me in the grocery store.She uses the same shampoo. A copy of the Blair witch project sits on a shelf at the goodwill. I remember when we saw that on the big screen…….great read. Thank you


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