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My Favorite Moments

In case you were wondering…

“I see you have your nipples pierced, as do I.”  For some reason I crack up every time I recall this message I sent to you.  I think because I was trying to be super polite.

“Are you a doctor?” “Mhm.” I don’t remember what I said but I was thinking, “Fuck, that’s hot!”

When you told me you got to see Lindsey Stirling when I literally just missed her.  I’m still jealous, btw.

When you first kissed me.  You were sitting on the edge of my couch and pulled me into your lap.  I had asked you some sort of doctor-y question right before.

I don’t exactly remember this since it’s kind of a blur now, but I’m pretty sure I was intimidated by your cock when I first saw it in person.

Lying in bed afterwards.  “So…are you into bondage?”

“Thanks for not being creepy.”

How quickly you came back to see me again, considering your schedule and distance and all that.

When you told me you wanted to make me into your perfect sub.  I was sitting in the Taco Time in Colfax, WA, of all places.

Ok, this is a weird one.  We were coming back to my apartment after being out for dinner and whatnot.  I was unlocking my door and you made some comment about how I have to put my key in upside down.  It was sort of under your breath so I don’t know if you meant to say it out loud.  But honestly…that was one of the moments when I realized how much I like you.  Because I have that same thought every time I open my door.  So to hear you say it was like some crazy existential experience for me.

The first time we did anal.  I remember lying there genuinely surprised to have experienced anal in a way that didn’t hurt at all, especially with someone of your…stature.

When I was at your place that one time.  Everything about that trip was amazing, honestly.
I loved how you went on about your fancy water system.  I honestly stopped listening about 10 seconds in because I was just in awe of how adorable you were.
When we were searching for somewhere for me to have dinner, I was sorta hugging you from behind, and god, you smelled so good.
When you asked me how much cream I wanted in my coffee and I said “somewhere between a little and a lot” and you looked at me like “wtf?”
Watching that movie and cuddling on the couch.  I remember thinking, “he’s actually here this time!”

That time you had me straddle you and just sit still while we talked, despite how much I wanted to bounce and grind on your cock.  And then cleaning you up afterwards since I still managed to pour a bunch of lady juice all over you.

San Francisco.
How you held my hand when we walked around.  I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but it was to me.
We were in the hotel, you got up because you were anxious to go out and just sat back down a minute later.  So I climbed on top of you and started kissing you, and you teasingly accused me of doing it just to make you hard.  As soon as I started thinking I had an ounce of control you flipped me over and pinned me down under you…
How obsessed you got with the bacon bread.
Riding on the cable car.
When I tried to convince you that Converse are awesome.
That extraordinary art exhibit.
The morning you had to go do your work thing.  I sleepily watched you get dressed.  The look on your face was priceless as you negotiated how reach me to kiss me goodbye since I was sitting directly in the center of the bed.
When we were at the airport and I had fallen in line to board.  I was staring at my phone to distract myself.  I didn’t realize you had followed me to the line, so when you came up close to me I moved away just because I felt a presence invading my personal space.  I legitimately didn’t know it was you until I looked up, then felt kinda guilty about it because I should have known.

The night we went to that party.
How you insisted we switch seats at dinner so you could face the window and I’d have the inside view of the mall.
When the little room we were in got crowded and you moved me into your lap to make another seat available.
When I reached that perfect point of being kinda tipsy and really horny and started touching you more than I should have in public.  The way you stopped me and asked, “do I need to take you home now?”
Clawing into your hand as we walked back to the car. (I’m really sorry about that btw…)
Sucking on your cock in the parking garage.  I still wonder if the car that drove by saw anything.

The Portland trip.
The way you were all over me as soon as you walked in the door.  I still don’t know how you have so much energy so early in the morning.
How excited you got as we neared the motorcycle store.
The shock we both had when we traded smoothies for a taste and realized how different they were.
Just enjoying your presence in the car without having to talk about anything.

My first motorcycle ride.  I thought it was going to be way more scary than it ended up being.

Dinner that one night when we waited forever to get a table outside.  The marvelously purple drink I had.  How I kissed your hand and you told me how much you love my mouth.

Anxiously getting dressed into the outfit you wanted the night before we went to Seattle.
Ungracefully climbing into your truck with a dress on.
How you caught me off guard and kissed me while we were waiting for our drinks at the bar.
The cute little tiki cups.
The way you reached up my dress as we got back in the truck to come home and you could feel how incredibly wet I was.
My sincere confusion when you mentioned my plug coming out.  How I actually had to reach back there and feel that it was gone.

Finally getting a little rope time.
Actually making progress with deep-throating you.
When I sorta passed out after sex.  No idea how long it was but I opened my eyes and you were just like, “hey there.”
How comfy I was at that moment and simply wanted to go to sleep.  You must have realized because you got back into bed and just held my hand so I wouldn’t have to move too much.
The way I could feel you gaze at me while you were getting dressed the next morning and I was still in bed.
When we got back to my place and we were just randomly lying on the floor and you told me how special I am to you.

Thank you so much for all these little moments, Sir.  They mean the world to me.


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