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I was recently asked why I have my role set to “evolving” and not “sub.”

The fun answer:
I saw “evolving” in the list and thought it made me sound like a Pokemon, so I went with it.

The sufficient answer:
My profile is about me.  My submission is about me in the context of my relationship with Sir.  Yes he is an incredibly important part of my life, but a crucial aspect of my self-image is to define myself by myself alone, and not by my relationship with another person.

The philosophical answer:
I am a very “meta” person; I’m always trying to look at the big picture.  I know that I will always be changing, so in a way, it’s pointless to define myself as anything other than evolving.  I may not always be submissive.  Hell, I might not always be kinky.  But I will always be evolving.

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