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Kinky scenes full of blurry Cybermen

(Or, what I’m thinking about at 3 AM the day after Christmas.  I promise that the following makes absolute sense.) You see someone online and you find them physically attractive.  How quickly do you go from “this person is pretty” to “I would like to mash my genitals into this […]

While we’re here…

“We should go to sleep now.” I crawl under the covers as you turn out the lights.  You turn towards me and then… That look.  Your come here look.  Arms outstretched.  Smiling.  Inviting. I love that look. I’m magnetized. You’re barely two feet away and I feel like I can’t get there fast enough. […]

Why are you with them?

If you can’t immediately explain why someone is in your life, you should probably re-evaluate why they’re there at all. I brought this up in a recent discussion with a close friend.  I think this applies to any sort of relationship, but it becomes more important as the relationship becomes […]

Pain (from a non-masochist)

You know that feeling when you’re really intrigued by something, but you don’t want anything to do with it personally?  When you’re fascinated that such a thing exists, and that other people enjoy it so much, but you don’t feel particularly drawn to experience it yourself? That’s how I am […]