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While we’re here…

“We should go to sleep now.”

I crawl under the covers as you turn out the lights.  You turn towards me and then…

That look.  Your come here look.  Arms outstretched.  Smiling.  Inviting.

love that look.

I’m magnetized.

You’re barely two feet away and I feel like I can’t get there fast enough.

I rush to you.  Getting as close as I can.  Entwined.  Taking up the same space.

I can feel you breathing.  The barely audible sighs of release.

I’m so happy you’re here. 

I snuggle in closer.  I want to be completely surrounded by you.

The tender kisses.  No words.  I adore you. 

But you know, while we’re here…

We should probably fuck.

Because I’m naked. And you’re naked.

I’m already touching you with most of my body anyway.

And now you’re starting to rub my thigh.

You’re wondering if you should keep going.

Of course you should.  Always.  

Your hand is getting closer and closer.

After an eternity you gently brush past my pussy.

And I tremble.

Yep. We’re doing this now.

“Am I distracting you?”

Oh, I was distracted a long time ago.

Touch me.  Get me wet.  I’ll drench your fingers.

Rub your cock against me.  I love those tingles as you get harder.

Then slide in.  We’ve barely moved.  We were so close already.

But this angle is weird…

One glance and I float on top of you, never breaking contact.

Riding.  Grinding.  Swirling.  Moaning.

You pull the covers up over my shoulders.

It’s so warm.

My eyes have been closed.  Lost in the moment.

But they flutter open and all I see is your smile.

You’re thrusting into me faster and faster.

Grab my ass.  Force me down harder.

Then flip me over.  Hold me underneath you.

Have your way with me.

I’m so small under you.  No resistance.  Complete surrender.

Faster.  Harder.  Deeper.  More. 

Lose yourself.

Cum in me.

“What were we doing? Oh right.”

Now we can go to sleep.

Or you can, at least.

I’ll lie here for a few more hours.

Blissed out.  Reminiscing.  Replaying what just happened.

Thinking of you.  Your comfort and intensity.

Wondering how you’ll wake me up…


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Miss Skaro

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