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I got to work the other morning and texted Sir.  Something on my drive had reminded me of him, something random and nonsensical to anyone else.  In of itself, the thing didn’t matter.  But it made me smile and think of him, so I had to say something.  I like […]

“I see you’re with someone”

The vast majority of you are incredibly respectful of my relationship.  I get a lot of messages saying, “You seem really happy”, “He’s lucky to have you”, “I’m glad you found each other” and the like.  Those make me smile.  Thank you.  Hugs. But…there are a few situations I’d like […]

Grammar Lessons with Miss Skaro

Featuring kinky examples to help you understand!   There were several women at the play party, but you only wanted to cane one woman in particular. You’ll come across many dominants who will try to assert their dominance over you.  Maybe you’ll find one to call your Dominant and he’s […]


We’re a couple days into January so it might be uncool to talk about something from last year, but I’m gonna do it anyway. One of my most memorable moments from 2016 was when a particular woman reached out to me on Tumblr.  I don’t get a whole lot of […]