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Grammar Lessons with Miss Skaro

Featuring kinky examples to help you understand!


There were several women at the play party, but you only wanted to cane one woman in particular.

You’ll come across many dominants who will try to assert their dominance over you.  Maybe you’ll find one to call your Dominant and he’s the only one you’ll let dominate you.

You had a dinner featuring collard greens after you were collared.

It might pique your interest to get a peek at my tits but that mountain peak is in the way.

Don’t bore me, slave.  Bore a hole in that wall and mount my boar‘s head.   Now!  What, you dropped your drill?  You foolish boor!

The thought of you getting wet for me certainly whets my appetite.

They’re currently over there, but they’re going to come to your house and you’re going to cum on their face.


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Miss Skaro

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