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But sometimes you should let them keep talking.

In contrast to my last writing, sometimes you should let them keep talking.

Him: Open to a long distance FWB or maybe relocating? I can be the daddy you are looking for….. We match sexually IN EVERY WAY

Me: How on earth do you know that?

Him: I love breast worship on your nipples are pierced, so figure I can take care of that. You like to dress up and I love to dress my girl up. And seeing you bent over makes me think you are at least a little submissive, which work well with me. 
Unfortunately, it is all guesses and conjecture. But, you are worth an email and an attempt, and a whole lotta hoping on my part

Him: What do you think? Let me come up to visit you?

Him: I’d love to be your daddy

Him: I’ll fly up ASAP and I’ll make you happy

Him: You should give me a chance I will give you years and years of happiness

Him: I’ll eat you till ur legs cramp from cumming. I’ll do you till you can’t walk straight. Oh and I’ll be your best friend too.

Him: Just let me fly up and show you how good we feel together

Him: Text me [number redacted] [name redacted]
Let’s make each other’s lives amazing

Him: C’mon text me. Be this daddy’s little girl

Him: I’d take you inside and say you’ve been a bad girl and daddy needs to punish you. Lift you skirt and spank you. Tell you how much daddy loves your ass. Daddy will pull you in to him by your hair and kiss you deeply and tell you you’re a good girl. 
Then daddy will put you on your knees and choke you with his cock. 
Daddy will pick you up and carry you to his bed. And probably slide his cock in you while you’re facing him with your arms around him. Then daddy will molest you all night cumm on you and send you home with a satisfied smile on your face.

Him: Need u

Him: So why am I not flying there to make love to you every night and be your loving daddy. Who’ll raise you and give you the best life he can.

Him: Really don’t know how we aren’t a couple yet. Haaa. Ok I better give up. I’m even annoying myself now.

Him: You keep viewing me so I keep hoping you’ll change your mind. I’m giving myself douche vibes as I type this. Sorry to be a bother. Will legit try to make that my last message. 
All the best hope you find what you deserve.

No real commentary here, I just wanted to share because I found this message train very entertaining and…hopeful, in a way.

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Miss Skaro

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