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Your motivation doesn’t make you any more appealing

I met a guy a few weeks ago for some drinks.  I didn’t find that magic attraction thing I’m always looking for, so I politely declined his invitation to take things further.

He attempted small talk a few times since.  Hoping he’d take the hint, I ignored his advances.

Then he messaged me again today, saying he’d be in my area soon and suggesting that we should go for drinks again.  I answered this time: “I’m not interested, but thanks for thinking of me.”

He replied, “you’re a sweetie.” Kind of a weird way to wrap things up, but sure I’ll take it.

I thought that was the end of it.

But then…

“You should reconsider because I’ve been dreaming of licking your pussy for days.” (Paraphrased because I can’t be bothered, but it was something to that effect.)


First of all, trying to convince me that we should get together after I decline is incredibly unattractive.  It reads as desperate.  Even if it’s phrased well, all I hear is “Oh c’mon please? Give me a chance!”

Second, I think trying to tempt me with a sexual act is really immature.  You wanna lick my pussy?  Whoop-de-do.  So do lots of other people.  Your motivation doesn’t make you any more appealing.

I like casual sex in the sense that I don’t need to be ‘in a relationship’ to have fun with someone.  I don’t need to have a title in your life; you don’t need to have any particular special place in mine.  But I need to like you.  And moreover I need to respect you.

When you pull shit like this, you lose my respect.





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