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Every Night

There’s a warmth in my heart with a white gold glow,
spinning, pulsating, and eager to grow.

I surrender to its comfort, to its captivating call.
It expands through my body, engulfing it all.

It makes me feel light, yet anchors me down,
like I’m floating on air, but happily bound.

It’s under my skin.  It wants to break free.
It’s looking for you. You should be next to me.

I realize you’re not, and for a second I’m sad.
But soon I’m filled with the great moments we’ve had.

Your voice, your smile, your touch, your stare.
I cling to your being even when you’re not there.

That’s what I feel when I miss you.  That’s the start of my night.
And when I wake in the morning, the flame is still bright.

That’s what it’s like when I’m thinking of you.
When you’re thinking of me, does your soul tingle too?




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Miss Skaro

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