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A Road Trip to Subspace

He takes my hand and leads me to the car.  Time for another trip.  I love these trips.  I never know where we’re going.  He never tells me the destination.  I can guess all I want but he’ll never tell me.  My surprise is part of his fun.

We drive past all the familiar places.  Even places I’m used to look different when he’s here.  I notice little shops that I’ve never paid attention to.  Part of me wants to stop and look around, but we keep driving.

Soon we’re past the edge of town, off of the familiar roads.  I don’t know this area well.  I can’t anticipate anything.  The roads aren’t straight anymore.  I can’t see what’s ahead.  Every turn is a surprise.

We’ve gone farther than we’ve gone before.  I really don’t know where we are.  We’ve made so many turns that I don’t even know how to get back.  He drives faster and faster, hitting each curve more ferociously than the last.

I don’t know where we are, but I like it here.  The air tastes different.  The colors are more vivid.  He knows places like this.  He must know thousands of them.  How he remembers the path to each one, I’ll never know.

He watches as I lean out the window, wanting to soak it all in.  Everything is sunny and new.  I’m listening to all the new sounds I’ve never heard before, taking in all the new scents I’ve never discovered.

He drives faster.  If only I could float out of this window and fly around this new magical world… But instead he pulls me back in and drapes a dark fabric over my eyes.

The blindfold is comforting.  I never know when he’ll take my sight away, but he always does.  I’m not scared.  I settle in for the remainder of our journey.  I trust him and just let him drive.

I have no chance of figuring out where we are now.  I have no judgement of distance, no idea of time.  How long have we been on this road?  He could be driving around in circles for all I know.  I have no point of reference, nothing to hold on to but him.


I can tell he’s close.  We’re nearing peak speed and I’m getting dizzy.  I have no sense of where we are, barely any sense of who I am.

Faster and faster, around and around and around.  At the last possible moment he tears off the blindfold and reveals where he’s taken me.

The car is gone.  The road is gone.  There’s nothing tangible beneath me, everything has melted away.  I’m flying now, surrounded by stars and planets and galaxies, all shining and beckoning me to come closer.

I leave my body.  He leaves his.  We fuse together and disperse into the abyss that engulfs us.  We are one entity yet nothing at all.

We bask in the serenity.  There is no time here.  Each moment is forever.  And this place, this place is ours.  It’s our special place that we can always return to.

I just have to let him drive.

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Miss Skaro

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