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Other Lives

Sometimes I think
that my imagination
might be more than fiction.

The scenes come so effortlessly,
I think they might be glimpses
into parallel universes,
windows into my other lives.

Because somewhere out there,
there’s a version of me
who gets all the time she wants
with a version of you.

And so often she flashes by,
reminding me
of what she has,
taunting me
with what I don’t.

I could be jealous of her.
I could be so jealous of that girl
who gets to live out my fantasies
while I’m left to watch.

But what a waste that would be.
What a misuse of energy.

Because that girl is me.

She’s one of my infinite representations
getting to live through
an infinite number of possible lives.

And some of those lives
are with you.

So I’m giving her my full support.
I’m letting her permeate my thoughts
as much as she wants.

Each of her moments
is also mine.
As long as she’s with you,
so am I.

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Miss Skaro

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