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A brief note about my nipples

I experienced something new today. I had a photographer turn down working with me…because of my nipple piercings. On one hand, I get it.  A big part of modeling is having the right look for a particular project.  Apparently I didn’t have the look this photographer was seeking.  That’s fair. […]

Stay connected to what you love

Anxiety, for me, is a rare occurrence.  It just doesn’t happen.  I’m fortunate to have a stable, happy, healthy life and a voice in my head that tells me everything will be ok if I just slow down and breathe. Of course, anxiety still hits.  Because it hits everyone. And […]

Withholding Emotion

My last writing was a piece about understanding experiences through logic and reasoning. A few people commented on how emotion fits into all this, either praising me for being able to take emotion out of the equation, or saying that I forgot to include it, which made everything I said […]

The Answer is RIGHT THERE

When I was very little, think primary school, I rarely spoke up during class.  Apparently it was pretty noticeable, because it almost always came up during parent-teacher conferences.  “She’s doing very well but she’s not asking enough questions,” my teachers would say.  I remember being confused by this.  Most of the […]

Grammar Lessons with Miss Skaro

Featuring kinky examples to help you understand!   There were several women at the play party, but you only wanted to cane one woman in particular. You’ll come across many dominants who will try to assert their dominance over you.  Maybe you’ll find one to call your Dominant and he’s […]

Showing vs Telling

I want to acknowledge those of you who have taken the time to read my writings.  I hope I’ve told you that I appreciate it, because I genuinely do.  Especially those of you who read several and actually absorb them before messaging me at all, bonus points to you.  You’re doing it […]

In Praise of Solitude

This is an essay I wrote back in college.  I was going through old stuff at my parent’s house today and actually managed to find it. (Ok, it’s been on my computer this whole time, but still, I found the physical copy.)  I remember this one.  I remember writing it, […]

Conversing 101

I shouldn’t need to explain this.  But it has come to my attention that this may not come naturally to everyone.  So allow me to break down the art of decent dialogue. Step 1: Write your message. Now stop!  Don’t click that Send button! Step 2:  Read your message back […]