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The Gems

Recently I wrote that I was taking a break from casual sex, and that I might potentially regain my interest during the summer. Well, my account has been reactivated and I’m open to inquiries.  But I’m taking a different approach this time. I took a break because I was tired […]

A brief note about my nipples

I experienced something new today. I had a photographer turn down working with me…because of my nipple piercings. On one hand, I get it.  A big part of modeling is having the right look for a particular project.  Apparently I didn’t have the look this photographer was seeking.  That’s fair. […]

Do you have sex like that?

Since I’ve been doing rope work, I’ve noticed that people who comment on my photos tend to fall into two categories.  There are people who seem to understand what’s going on in the picture: they comment on the rigging technique, my form, the difficulty of the tie, the quality of […]

You don’t seem submissive.

Actually had someone say this to me the other day.  I’ll admit, I was waiting for it to happen. There we were, chatting generically about fetishes and whatnot.  He says, “so you’re submissive? You don’t seem submissive.” One, what were you expecting submission to look like?  Did I not seem […]

Can we be friends?

When I was little, I would go up to other kids at the playground and say, “do you wanna be my friend?”  Straight up, no introductions, just right to the point.  Most of the time, it worked.  The other kid and I would start playing and doing whatever it is that […]

The Answer is RIGHT THERE

When I was very little, think primary school, I rarely spoke up during class.  Apparently it was pretty noticeable, because it almost always came up during parent-teacher conferences.  “She’s doing very well but she’s not asking enough questions,” my teachers would say.  I remember being confused by this.  Most of the […]

“I see you’re with someone”

The vast majority of you are incredibly respectful of my relationship.  I get a lot of messages saying, “You seem really happy”, “He’s lucky to have you”, “I’m glad you found each other” and the like.  Those make me smile.  Thank you.  Hugs. But…there are a few situations I’d like […]