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Something about collars

I’m currently going through a bunch of old messages, in an effort to torture myself collect data.  There’s been a few that have stuck around in my mind, and believe me it’s been rather cathartic to finally delete them.  This one though, I had completely forgotten about until just now. […]

Don’t call me Mistress

One of Fet’s favorite topics to discuss is all the asshole wannabe doms out there who spend their days sending outrageous messages and unsolicited dick pics to the entire female population.  When I first joined, I was expecting my inbox to be flooded with these messages, going off of how many people […]

Conversing 101

I shouldn’t need to explain this.  But it has come to my attention that this may not come naturally to everyone.  So allow me to break down the art of decent dialogue. Step 1: Write your message. Now stop!  Don’t click that Send button! Step 2:  Read your message back […]

Why dirty talk doesn’t work

File this one under Ineffective Ways to Talk to Me.  Other classics you can find in there are “Proofread, for fuck’s sake”, “I deserve more effort than Hey“, and my personal favorite, “How are you? annoys the shit out of me.” I was chatting with a potential prospect the other day, and […]

Yep, I’m totally a scam.

Yay for more firsts!  Had been messaging this couple for a few days.  It ended rather abruptly… Couple Hi! How are you? 🙂 Me Doing well, yourself? Couple Not too bad. Would you be willing to travel to come stay with and get tangled up with a passionate, sexy loving […]

Gratz, man. You startled the unicorn.

And she ran away. There’s a first time for everything, right?  I’m actually surprised that this hasn’t happened until now, but finally someone has managed to make me feel uncomfortable.  So take this as a guide for how NOT to talk to me.  And if YOU happen to come across this […]

How are you sexy

Or, “Why I harp on people for unpolished writing.” I have two identical messages sitting in my inbox right now.  Both literally say “How are you sexy”.  I think it would be fair to assume that what both of these gentlemen meant was, “How are you, sexy?”  I assume their intent […]