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The Gems

Recently I wrote that I was taking a break from casual sex, and that I might potentially regain my interest during the summer. Well, my account has been reactivated and I’m open to inquiries.  But I’m taking a different approach this time. I took a break because I was tired […]


“I want you to fear me,” he said. “But why, Sir?” she asked. “I don’t understand. Fear means walls. Guards. Seclusion and distrust. Not knowing what you’ll do to me, that isn’t fear. It’s anticipation.  And I’ll gladly offer myself to you. If it was fear, I would run. I […]

Do you have sex like that?

Since I’ve been doing rope work, I’ve noticed that people who comment on my photos tend to fall into two categories.  There are people who seem to understand what’s going on in the picture: they comment on the rigging technique, my form, the difficulty of the tie, the quality of […]

Grammar Lessons with Miss Skaro

Featuring kinky examples to help you understand!   There were several women at the play party, but you only wanted to cane one woman in particular. You’ll come across many dominants who will try to assert their dominance over you.  Maybe you’ll find one to call your Dominant and he’s […]


We’re a couple days into January so it might be uncool to talk about something from last year, but I’m gonna do it anyway. One of my most memorable moments from 2016 was when a particular woman reached out to me on Tumblr.  I don’t get a whole lot of […]

Kinky scenes full of blurry Cybermen

(Or, what I’m thinking about at 3 AM the day after Christmas.  I promise that the following makes absolute sense.) You see someone online and you find them physically attractive.  How quickly do you go from “this person is pretty” to “I would like to mash my genitals into this […]