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Those Other Things

Now days, someone asks to fuck me, and I don’t bat an eye.  I hear that everyday.  There are no reservations, no “are they special enough?”, no wondering if my life will change.  If I’ve got some free time, sure, fucking sounds fun.  But now people ask me if I’d […]

Little Fantasies

No, not fantasies about being a little.  That’s not my thing.  Anyway, I think I’ve written before that I don’t have elaborate fantasies, rather quick little snippets.  Just short scenes that never fail to capture my attention.  I thought I’d share.  Yes, some of these have happened, but that doesn’t […]


I just finished reading “Love Letters to a Unicorn” by Rebecca Blanton. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while.  Luckily I found myself on some flights recently with the need for a good book. What really impressed me was the way she described the rarity of a unicorn.  There’s a […]

Do you really think size matters?

Here’s one message category I’ve yet to understand.  Guys with small dicks asking me, “Do you really think size matters?” And you jump right into it too.  No introduction, no “how are you”, nothing.  Just, “I have a small penis, please judge me!” What exactly are you expecting from this conversation? […]

Understanding Submission

2015 was a valuable year for me.  I spent the first half struggling through a frustrating and restrictive relationship, and at some point during the summer I reached an all-time low.  Hitting rock bottom like that forces you to make a change or risk getting consumed by despair.  So, as […]

On the Importance of Cuddling

Cuddling.  It’s a big freaking deal. There’s something really special going on when I actually want to cuddle with you.  My threshold for being physically close to another person is remarkably low; I don’t particularly like being touched.  Now I realize that sounds super counter-intuitive, given the lifestyle I have, […]

On Orgasms

Dear Sir, I knew this subject would come up eventually.  You want to know what my buttons are.  That’s easy enough to tell you.  However the more challenging part will be explaining why pushing said buttons doesn’t always produce the desired effect. So let’s get the simple part out of […]


Dear Sir, The following is my attempt at describing my expectations for our relationship.  I hope that this promotes questions and further discussion.  I am of course open to revision and suggestions in all sections barring removal of items Section A: Hard Limits. Sections A, B, and C  are composed […]

Standards, Part 2

How could I possibly sleep around as much as I do and claim that I have standards?  I’m sure there are people out there who frown upon the choices I’ve made and the lifestyle I’ve chosen.  But here’s the thing: I’m not living to their standards.  I’m living to my standards.  My standards have […]