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An Explanation for my Absence

So. Hi. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s been up. Or maybe I’m just being narcissistic and you haven’t cared. Or maybe you’re reading this and you have no idea who I am so you have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, anyway…I’m Miss Skaro…I was here for a while […]

Will this be it?

I was contemplating a new writing just now, but then that thought struck me. The thought that always stops me from going through with my original plan. Will this be it?  Will this be the time I finally reveal something that is too much? That goes too far? I spend an awful […]

Train of thought.

I’m sitting here reading my latest notifications.  There are a few new comments on my latest photo.  What do they say?  Anything interesting?  Or just the generic stuff?  Oh! Goldmine! I find one that I can deem…inappropriate. I hit reply and start thinking about all the strategies I could use […]

The Cage

Lately it seems like nothing makes me cringe more than the words, “I want you to cum.” (Yes, this is another post about my weird relationship with orgasms…) I listened to a podcast the other day that was all about orgasms.  The women talked about orgasms from both clinical and […]

Is it ok?

Is it ok that I love it when your morning text wakes me up? Is it ok that I want to watch you get ready for your day, every day? Is it ok that I pretend to talk to you any time I’m alone? Is it ok that I always […]

If you get tired of him…

If you’re ever compelled to write someone and ask if they’re getting tired of their current relationship, please don’t. This is in response to a recent message I received. As you might know, I am morbidly curious about how people start conversations with strangers.  I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve learned […]

I think I might be demisexual. So let’s talk.

Let me preface this piece with a bit about labels: Sexuality is fantastically complex.  If labels are used purely to pigeonhole people into certain categories, then we’re really taking away from the beautiful intricacies that come with describing the human experience.  I am focusing on demisexuality in this particular piece, but […]