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Count-down Challenge

So this was meant to be a 10-day challenge.  I didn’t do that, because I’m lazy and undisciplined.  But I found the prompts to be thought-provoking.  So here we are. Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now What did I do to make you leave? […]

Do you really think size matters?

Here’s one message category I’ve yet to understand.  Guys with small dicks asking me, “Do you really think size matters?” And you jump right into it too.  No introduction, no “how are you”, nothing.  Just, “I have a small penis, please judge me!” What exactly are you expecting from this conversation? […]

Understanding Submission

2015 was a valuable year for me.  I spent the first half struggling through a frustrating and restrictive relationship, and at some point during the summer I reached an all-time low.  Hitting rock bottom like that forces you to make a change or risk getting consumed by despair.  So, as […]

On the Importance of Cuddling

Cuddling.  It’s a big freaking deal. There’s something really special going on when I actually want to cuddle with you.  My threshold for being physically close to another person is remarkably low; I don’t particularly like being touched.  Now I realize that sounds super counter-intuitive, given the lifestyle I have, […]

Are you really THAT busy?

I have to book dates about 2 months in advance.  I suppose that’s odd.  For those of you who are like, “omg r u serious?”, here’s why: I (usually) only meet people on weekends.  Exceptions will be made if a) you’re special, or b) it’s absolutely impossible for you to […]

You must ask permission

“Before you can interact with me you must ask my Master for permission.” I see this around Fet all the time and it kinda bugs me. No offense to those who have it on their profile.  I don’t have any say in how you live your life, nor am I […]


When I’m asked what my fantasies are, my initial reaction is to come up with some sort of “standard” answer.  People have rape fantasies right?  Am I into that?  I think about it for a bit…I guess I could be.  People fantasize about being taken in an alley at night, […]

I will use you.

Fair warning to anyone who attempts a relationship with me: I am going to use you. Let’s say you are my newest acquaintance.  We’ve been chatting some, and maybe we have plans to meet in the near future.  You wanna know what I’m doing during that time?  A nice person […]

Why couples?

For the past few months I’ve been pondering why I’m drawn to couples.  It started as little more than an idea that might be fun to try once or twice.  But then I actually started meeting them.  And I started liking it.  And now I can say that I’m much […]