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Do you think I want to play with you?

To all the people who ask me to play without even introducing themselves, do you think I want to play with you? This isn’t some highbrow statement or a rhetorical question.  I’m asking you to really think about it.  Put yourself in my place.  Assume the presence of another human […]

Every Night

There’s a warmth in my heart with a white gold glow, spinning, pulsating, and eager to grow. I surrender to its comfort, to its captivating call. It expands through my body, engulfing it all. It makes me feel light, yet anchors me down, like I’m floating on air, but happily […]

Beyond Orgasms

I wish there were more sex-positive pieces that advocated finding sexual pleasure beyond orgasms. I understand that there are people out there who have not been properly educated about their bodies and the pleasure their body is capable of achieving.  I understand that there are people out there who have […]

Your eyes

I can never look them in the eye.  Never more than a fleeting glance. Their eyes distract me.  I start to question myself, them, and what we’re doing.  I think too much.  I feel myself slipping away from the moment. But I love meeting your gaze.  It’s so full of […]

I want to want it

About two months ago I announced my return to the casual scene.  I went there, I met some people, and I came back out.  I think I feel most comfortable on the fringe of that society.  Occasionally I might dip in to check if there’s anything new and interesting floating […]

So much for my rules

This is breaking my rules, I thought. Photographers aren’t supposed to touch me. But I didn’t hesitate when he laid on the bed beside me.  I assumed he was doing that thing photographers do, where they get themselves into all sorts of strange positions in order to get the perfect shot.  I […]