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The Gems

Recently I wrote that I was taking a break from casual sex, and that I might potentially regain my interest during the summer. Well, my account has been reactivated and I’m open to inquiries.  But I’m taking a different approach this time. I took a break because I was tired […]


“I want you to fear me,” he said. “But why, Sir?” she asked. “I don’t understand. Fear means walls. Guards. Seclusion and distrust. Not knowing what you’ll do to me, that isn’t fear. It’s anticipation.  And I’ll gladly offer myself to you. If it was fear, I would run. I […]

A brief note about my nipples

I experienced something new today. I had a photographer turn down working with me…because of my nipple piercings. On one hand, I get it.  A big part of modeling is having the right look for a particular project.  Apparently I didn’t have the look this photographer was seeking.  That’s fair. […]

Do you have sex like that?

Since I’ve been doing rope work, I’ve noticed that people who comment on my photos tend to fall into two categories.  There are people who seem to understand what’s going on in the picture: they comment on the rigging technique, my form, the difficulty of the tie, the quality of […]

Stay connected to what you love

Anxiety, for me, is a rare occurrence.  It just doesn’t happen.  I’m fortunate to have a stable, happy, healthy life and a voice in my head that tells me everything will be ok if I just slow down and breathe. Of course, anxiety still hits.  Because it hits everyone. And […]